The Six Figure Mentors online coaching and support program

Starting and growing your own profitable online business has never been this quick or simple.
The Six Figure Mentors coaching and support program

Your journey from novice to internet business professional begins right here.

Unleash your entrepreneur

The Six Figure Mentors has been created specifically to help those with no previous experience of online marketing to become internet entrepreneurs. As a student of The Six Figure Mentors, you will receive immediate access to our world class training platform as well as all of the systems and tools that you need to create a successful, sustainable and profitable online business.

You don’t need to have products of your own to promote and sell. Our clear and simple training steps will show you how to market existing highly-sought products and services, which will earn you high-value commissions of up to $1,000 per referral from Day 1. And, subject to your membership level, these commissions can increase to over $8,000 per referral.


By following The SFM’s unique, but simple training system, anyone who is willing to learn, and is prepared to take consistent action, can succeed and profit online. And this includes those who have never previously owned a business and who have no previous experience of working online. Our cleverly-developed training modules will quickly teach you the skills you require, such as affiliate marketing, where you will learn to profit from recommending existing products and services to a global market…a market where over two billion online users are purchasing 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days each year! Since launching, we have taught thousands of ordinary people of all ages and backgrounds, how to succeed and profit by adopting our business system and how to become financially independent through generating a passive income online.

People who are unhappy at work

People who don’t get on with their boss

Those needing extra income

Stay at home parents

People made unemployed



Retired forces veterans

Those with no pension plan

Single parents

Business owners

Network marketers

College & university students

Anyone desiring a better lifestyle


One of the unique features of The Six Figure Mentors is the ability to earn while you learn. Because The SFM is a complete, turn-key business system, it offers the ability to generate an income from Day 1. By working through our online training modules, you will quickly learn how to market existing products and services and get paid 100% commissions on sales tracked back to your marketing system. Your SFM membership includes your own personal website as well as all of the pre-built landing pages and sales funnels that you need for your new business to be successful and profitable.

In addition to this, The SFM will CLOSE SALES FOR YOU! Once you’ve generated leads, following the simple process that we will teach you in your online training, our global team of experienced sales professionals then step in to close your sales for you…and you get paid 100% of the commission! Commissions starting at $100 per sale and reaching as much as $8,000 per sale.

Earn while you learn

So what is so special about The Six Figure Mentors?

Looking for a genuine, affordable and proven online business system, with real high-income potential? Need a profitable online business that you can run part-time, working when you choose and from where you choose?

The Six Figure Mentors was created for you!

Couple learning to make money online

What you DO get with The SFM

The world’s most successful online marketing platform

A complete turn-key business system, ready to go from Day 1

Your own personalised and customisable website for high-converting lead capture

 Pre-built landing pages, sales funnels, tools and applications; all ready to use

 High income potential from day 1 – you get paid 100% commissions!

 A team of experienced sales professionals ready to close your sales for you

 The world’s most envied online forum and member’s support community

 Superb step-by-step training and live coaching

 Value, value and more value!

What you DON'T get with The SFM

 The hype and false claims you get with many other online ‘opportunities’

 Unrealistic income potential

 High start-up costs and monthly maintenance fees

 The high overheads and headaches associated with a traditional business

 The need to take on and manage employees

 The need for face-to-face marketing or personal selling

 High demands on your time and freedom

 Complicated systems and platforms that take time to learn

 Less than 100% support from your SFM coaches and your fellow students

Are you ready to Earn while you Learn?

Register now and find out how ordinary people, just like you, are achieving extraordinary things!



8 reasons why you should join The Six Figure Mentors?

1. It’s your chance to escape the 9 to 5, live anywhere, and join the new rich.

Not many people dream of working long hours in a job or business with limited potential, yet that is exactly what most of us do. You get up to an annoying alarm clock, you get stuck in traffic on the way to a job that you don’t want to do, where you take orders from a boss or a client you probably don’t like, knowing that you’ll get paid a wage that is capped, no matter how hard you work.

The most important thing that the SFM system will give you is not the money, but the opportunity to live a life of freedom. A life that is no longer about living paycheck to paycheck, or about dreaming of things that you’re unable to provide for your family. This is an opportunity that will truly give you the freedom to work anywhere you choose. To do whatever you want, whenever you want. This is your opportunity to live the digital life.

2. Absolutely anyone can do it.

The biggest concern people have when considering joining The Six Figure Mentors is that they won’t be good enough. What if I’m not smart enough to make it work? What if I don’t have enough technical know-how? 90% of our students begin with absolutely no experience of internet marketing, web traffic and affiliate sales. Most recognise the value of the opportunity, but have doubts about whether they can make a success of it. They are driven by hopes of a higher income and a better lifestyle.

But the reality is that this business system is so simple it’s crazy. Easy-to-follow video tutorials and live trainings, clear and simple learning modules, a business blueprint that you just follow step-by-step. No existing expertise required. All you need is the enthusiasm and determination to make it work.

3. You choose your income level.

The best thing about the system is that it’s completely scalable, which means you just repeat what you’re taught to do, over and over, until you’ve achieved whatever level of income you want. The amount of money you can make is limited only by your own effort and investment of time. How much money can you realistically make with this business system? There really is no limit. Can you say the same about your existing job?

4. The SFM exclusive Private Community.

Ever felt frustrated, lost, or overwhelmed when starting something totally new? Of course you have, it’s completely normal. Well, that’s not something that you’ll ever have to worry about as a member of The SFM. The owners themselves (Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek) and all of The SFM leadership team are available for support 7 days a week. But that’s not all. As a member of The SFM, you have 24/7 access to a friendly, vibrant and informative support community where you can connect with 1000′s of other members worldwide. Connect, chat, ask questions and receive support. The SFM boasts one of the world’s largest and proactive online business support communities, and it’s waiting to welcome you!

Live Member Chat – connect with 1000′s of fellow members worldwide

The Six Figure Mentors Live Members Chat

Private Members Forum – friendly help whenever you need it

The Six Figure Mentors private members forum
5. Tiny initial investment.

The SFM business has a very small start-up cost. Most ordinary businesses or franchises with this kind of income potential require a significant financial investment to get started, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars/pounds. The Six Figure Mentors has been created to enable even those on the most modest budget to get started and to begin generating an income. A one-off application fee of just $29.95 gets you off the ground, with access to your first training module. This is a great way for those who are still a little unsure to try out our world-class system before they commit to full membership (you can even get your application fee fully refunded if you are not completely satisfied). After trying out the system and chatting on the phone with one of the awesome new-member coaches, you then have the option to upgrade to full membership. That’s full access to the entire business system and the support community for a one-time fee of $297, with a monthly maintenance fee of just $97 thereafter (your first month is included within your one-time upgrade fee). There is no minimum contract and you are free to close your business at any time (although we are confident that you won’t). That’s just $297 to start a business that has the potential to replace your full time income! Join thousands of other members who have already done just that.

6. The training REALLY works.

With hundreds of training tutorials, videos, and downloadable guides (and growing everyday), The SFM offers online business training like no other platform. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned marketer looking to expand your knowledge base, The SFM’s concise training will help you take your business to the next level.

Training topics include:

 Get Started Fast

 Laying The Foundations

 Starting Your Marketing


 Video Marketing

 Ezine Advertising

 Forum Marketing

 Facebook Advertising

 WordPress Website Building

 Business Skills Training

….and much, much more!

The SFM online training - simple to follow, easy to implement

The Six Figure Mentors online training

Each category contains it’s own set of specific resources which walk you through the entire process. If you are an absolute newbie, this will get you up and running in no time at all. One of the really unique features is the number of seasoned experts who contribute regularly to The SFM by adding new videos, tutorials and posts for the benefit of other members. The training at The SFM is more than most advanced college courses would ever offer and every single training resource is included with your membership. The value of this is enormous!

7. Cutting-edge tools and services.

What most online marketers are paying extra for is fully inclusive with your SFM membership. A pre-built website, hosting, website development tools, graphics creator, lead capture pages, ebook cover creator, viral report builder, simple tracking and split testing software and a huge amount of other inclusive tools and programs.

The SFM will continue to exceed your expectations, month after month. No other online coaching company gives you more and no other online business system offers anywhere near the income potential offered by The SFM.

8. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose.

Having nothing to lose is probably the biggest reason to join The SFM. You literally do have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why? Because The Six Figure Mentors offers a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the value offered by The SFM within the first 30 days, then you get a full refund, no questions asked. And it’s worth considering that we have just a 3% refund rate…that’s 97% new member satisfaction.

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