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Welcome to The Six Figure Mentors, the world’s premier online coaching program…

The Six Figure Mentors

At the core of our entrepreneur program is a very unique online coaching platform. A world-class business system designed and developed specifically for those with no previous training or experience.

Welcome to The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. Premium tools, exclusive training, private support community, personal one-to-one mentoring…your journey from novice to internet business professional begins today.

“Have you ever wondered what makes the world’s most successful people different from you? Would it surprise you to learn that, very often, it is nothing more than timing and opportunity?”

Christopher Lewer


Christopher Lewer

Founding Associate

Christopher Lewer

Christopher Lewer is a professional business strategist and success coach. He works with individuals from all backgrounds and global regions, creating wealth and success through his unique style of coaching and inspiration. Christopher is a world traveller, former boxing champion, author and bibliophile, and divides his time between the UK and Australia.

Jay Kubassek


Jay Kubassek

Jay Kubassek is a serial digital entrepreneur and co-founder of The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy. Jay is also a professional speaker, author and trainer, Baja off-road racer, member of the New York Blue Elephant Polo team, amateur photographer and indie film producer (Aliquot Films).

Stuart Ross


A picture of Stuart Ross

Stuart Ross is a catalyst for change and a strategist for online success. His primary focus is on creating a fast-track to success by providing new students with the tools and the training to begin seeing results from the outset. Stuart divides his time between London and Miami, working intimately with students to create new entrepreneurs worldwide.


Business Coaching

Premium training from some of the world's most successful digital entrepreneurs. Get started today - your journey from novice to internet business professional begins right here.

Online Strategies

Dynamic, yet simple online income strategies that will change the way you think about making money. Easy to learn, quick to implement. Learn how to thrive and profit in the new digital economy.

List Building

Targeted list building strategies to build huge lists, fast. Learn how to build a quality, high-converting list of engaged subscribers, using simple-to-implement strategies and with little or no capital outlay.

Social Media Marketing

Social media users have now exceeded 2 billion globally. Learn how to connect with your target audience and explode your online business using our cutting-edge social media strategies.

Financial Independence

True financial independence is about far more than money...it's about choices. Work whenever you choose and from wherever you choose. It's time to begin living your life by design.

Personal Development

We see potential where others don't and we invest our time where others won't. We specialise in the transformation of ordinary people with extraordinary potential. We will unleash YOUR entrepreneur!

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